Michael Mitchelar Receives ACE Award

November 9, 2021

On the morning of July 5th, Mike was traveling westbound on I-64 when happening upon a vehicle accident involving a newer Ford Taurus and an 18 wheeler. EMS personal had not arrived on scene as of this time.

Mike walked back to the accident with his first aid supplies. A female who was also on scene told him she was a medical professional and began using his first aid supplies. Mike checked in the vehicle and noticed a male driver trapped inside the vehicle. Mike stated we needed to get as much information on the patient as possible for EMS.

The driver of the semi pointed to a young male between the age of 12-15 who was the passenger. Mike began asking the passenger if he had any injuries and found he had a small bruise from the seatbelt. Mike gave him a cool pack to use on the bruise. Mike asked the young passenger questions about the driver’s medical history. The passenger said they needed to call his stepmom. Mike pulled the passenger door open to get the phone to make the call. When the call was made, the passenger could not speak and Mike took over the communication. They then made the call to the passenger’s mother. Mike communicated pertinent information to emergency contacts.

The passenger was very upset and Mike comforted him until EMS arrived. Mike introduced the passenger to EMS personal and grabbed what was left of his first aid kit and left the scene. Way to go, Mike!

The Husquavarna MADSAW

September 19, 2021

Region 474 is using the Husquavarna MADSAW for improvements in safety on storm work.

Hanssel Rodriguez Acts Quickly

September 19, 2021

Crews were trimming along Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne, IN when they saw a car crash into a traffic light pole at a nearby Intersection. They saw a fire had started from the crash. Foreman Hanssel Rodriguez reacted quickly and went to grab a fire extinguisher from the truck. He then went over to the vehicle and helped put out the fire. Thankfully, the driver managed to get out safely and the fire fighters arrived shortly after to control the scene.

Great job Hanssel! Thanks to your quick action you kept a bad situation from getting any worse. We are proud of you!

NTS Crews Help Out After Hurricane Ida

August 30, 2021

Nearly a dozen, if not more, tree trimming trucks stage in the Walmart parking lot along US 190 as members of the community begin to assess damage from Hurricane Ida, Monday, August 30, 2021, in Hammond, La.

Fast Acting NTS Crew Saves Woman’s Life!

February 15, 2021

A two-person bucket crew was working in West Salem, a small Southeastern Illinois community of about 900 people. The crew consisted of John Cox and Miles KimmelGF Mark McCormick had just pulled up to visit the crew. John had finished trimming and was cradling the bucket. Miles was working on the ground and was walking towards Mark’s truck. All of a sudden they heard a man yelling for help from the driveway next door.  Miles and Mark looked over and saw an elderly man holding his wife in the driveway and could see that her white hair was blood-soaked. Miles ran to the neighbors while Mark pulled his truck up. Miles yelled to Mark to call 911 and for John to grab the first aid kit. The elderly man was waiting for his wife to get into their van. He had his foot on the brake while the van was in gear. As she was walking up to the van, his foot slipped off of the brake and hit the gas. He had run over her lower leg. The force had knocked her to the ground causing a head injury. Miles jumped in and quickly took the initiative. She had a very bad laceration to her leg that was bleeding profusely. It appeared that there was damage to the artery. Miles grabbed bandages and quickly bandaged the wound and held pressure on the leg until the paramedics could arrive. After calling 911 Mark held the lady and tried to keep her comfortable and prevent her from going into shock. John was there helping with wound care and preventing shock. Once paramedics arrived and saw the extent of the injuries, they called a life-flight helicopter to the scene. After everything was over, the paramedics informed our employees that had they not quickly acted, called 911, and provided the first aid that they did, that the lady most likely would have bled out in the driveway before medical help could have been provided to her. The lady is expected to make a full recovery and return home soon!

Shown here (top to bottom): Miles Kimmel, Mark McCormick, John Cox

1000 Safe Working Days!

February 15, 2021

Congratulations to all of our Wisconsin crews for working 1,000 consecutive days without an injury. Reaching such a great milestone starts with our teams believing in our safety culture and following it up with execution. We are celebrating this achievement by rewarding all of our WI folks with a customized, high-quality, Class 3 sweatshirt that we regularly see our professionals wearing proudly. Keep up the great work!

Tim Smith Receives IAA “Tree Worker Award”

January 26, 2021

We would like to congratulate Tim Smith on receiving the “Tree Worker Award” from the Indiana Arborist Association (IAA). This award is given to individuals who have significantly improved the quality of tree care, climbing techniques, and/or safety of tree care professionals. It also recognizes tree care workers who have, through their expertise and customer interaction, advanced the understanding and professionalism of arboriculture to consumers.

Tim virtually received this well-deserved award on January 26th at the IAA awards program presentation. Tim, Nelson Tree, our customers,  and everyone in our industry, thank you for making our world a greener and better place!