Nelson Tree Service strives to create an environment where every individual is able to perform their tasks safely, and we work together to ensure each other’s well-being. To further our pursuit of a safe work environment, we have identified a number of work rules that are critical to making sure everyone returns home to their families at the end of each and every day. Experience shows that adherence to these rules provides a strong foundation for successful completion of our work activities. Conversely, failure to follow these rules creates a risk-filled environment where incidents become more likely.

Family First Rules

These rules have been in our work policies and procedures for many years, and they have been developed over time to prevent a recurrence of a past serious incident, or to comply with a law. Violation of these rules is a serious deviation and will not be tolerated in our company. There is no situation that would justify a violation of these rules, and if you see a co-worker who is not complying with these safe practices all work must stop and the situation immediately remedied.

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The safety program at Nelson Tree Service is not just something we “do” or “follow.” And it goes well beyond simply a written policy.

Safety is the bedrock of our operation. Our commitment to the highest standards ensures everyone is, as we say time and time again, “Safe from the ground up.”

Our knowledgeable team members are responsible for safety performance at every level of our organization, while our safety team provides the integral roles of training, communication and oversight.

Employee participation is critical to our success, and we accomplish this through wide open lines of communication. The principles of human performance are the foundation of this relationship.

Our organization understands that people are fallible, and even the best among us will make mistakes. Only through open, honest discussion regarding near-misses and error-prone situations can true safety progress be accomplished.

Our robust “near-miss reporting” process promotes sharing of critical information, providing invaluable insight. This in turn reinforces our beliefs that when activities on the ground are safe, the same behaviors will be carried out in the trees.

It ensures safety at every level.

As we’ve said: “Safe from the ground up.”

Nelson Tree Service safety vanTraining

Nelson’s Line Clearance Tree Trimmer (LCST) Certification Program is a comprehensive, staged training process that is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to comprehensive training for new employees, the program offers advanced training at each level of employee progression, including Foreperson and Specialty Equipment Operators.

The program provides detailed training on applicable skill sets and requires both textbook learning and demonstration or discussion of each proficiency. All progress is reviewed and documented by a trainer and a final proficiency review is conducted by field personnel.

Our employees are our most valuable resource—that’s why we have the most advanced employee training program in the industry.

New employees learn and existing employees receive continuous retraining on the safe operation of equipment, driving, climbing and trimming, proper interaction with property owners, and many other skills essential to safety and professionalism on the job.

And we’re as safe on the road as we are in the trees.

Through the nationally recognized SafetyFirst “How’s My Driving” program, our driver behaviors are constantly monitored by motorists who share the same roadways. This public scrutiny reinforces the safe and courteous conduct we expect of our drivers.

Additionally, the GPS systems in all vehicles are linked to the SafetyFirst driving database, which instantly alerts management of any unsafe driving practices.

Nelson employees also receive comprehensive driver education. Our Decision Driving Program educates drivers on defensive driving and safe driving practices with employees receiving training and recertification every year.

As a DOT fleet operator, Nelson is scored by the federal government on driver and vehicle safety. Nelson’s scores consistently rank the company as a top performer in the industry.

Tailgate Safety

Your resource for all the latest information, updates and policy changes from the Safety Team at Nelson Tree.