Missouri Jobs with Signing Bonus!!!

Looking for Foreman, Journeyman Trimmers, Trimmer Trainees and Groundman. Local 2 IBEW. Good pay and benefits.

Zone 1 – St. Louis Mo. Area
Foreman – $29.90
Journeyman Trimmers – $27.00
Trimmer Trainees
T4 – $24.61
T3 – $23.58
T2 – $22.57
T1 […]

Michigan Jobs – Hiring Bonus!!!

Hiring for several positions in the following areas:

Saginaw, Tawas City, Bay City, Sanford, Alger, Mio, West Branch, Gladwin, Flint, Midland, Roscommom

Apply directly at http://nelsontree.ourcareerpages.com/

Additionally, you can reach out to Jonathan Unsworth at junsworth@nelsontree.com

Hiring in Louisville, KY – Signing Bonus!!!

Manual Foreman: $26.34 per hour
Climber: $22.92 per hour

Signing Bonus for Top Trimmer Climbers and Foreman Climbers

$500 after the first 20 working days.
$1,000 after 3 months.
Another $1,000 after 6 months.

Apply directly at http://nelsontree.ourcareerpages.com/

You can also contact John Hughes […]

The Indiana Arborist Association

2021 IAA Annual Conference

January 26 –  February 12, 2021

The Indiana Arborist Association, a chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, is proud to announce the 73rd annual conference with the upcoming January 26 – February 12, 2021, to be the first virtual annual conference. The annual conference will be held over the span of several days with a diverse menu of topics and […]

Tailgate Safety | Drop Zone Policy – 01/23/21

Struck-by object incidents are one of the four leading causes of serious and fatal injuries on the worksite. The purpose of this policy is to reduce the risk of injury from falling objects (tools/logs) when a trimmer is working aloft.

By definition a drop zone is the area beneath a trimmer working aloft in arboricultural operations where a potential exists for injury from falling objects. The […]

Tailgate Safety | Family First – 01/16/21

At Nelson Tree Service, we strive to create an environment where every individual is able to perform their job safely and work together with their team mates to keep each other safe. In a review of some of the most serious incidents that have happened in our company, we have identified a number of specific safety infractions that resulted in employee injury. In response to […]

Tailgate Safety | Back Injury Prevention – 01/30/21

Line-clearance work is a very physical job, and your back muscles are subject to serious injury. Muscles make your body move. The faster you want to move or the heavier the object is, the more force you must apply –too much force and you will strain/sprain/injure a muscle.

It is important to build a strong, flexible, and healthy back in order to prevent injury. […]

Tailgate Safety 02/15/20

Please read the latest “Tailgate Safety” news. Don’t forget to answer the Safety Smart Question for a chance to win $50.

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Safety Alert 01/25/20

Click here to see the latest “Safety Alert” regarding the Drop Zone Policy.

Tailgate Safety 01/18/20

Please read the latest “Tailgate Safety” news. Don’t forget to answer the Safety Smart Question for a chance to win $50.

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  • Nelson Tree Service safety van

Safety Van Makeover

The first Nelson Tree Service safety van hit the road back in the 1970’s. At the time, this mobile RV was the only safety program in our industry with live line demonstration capabilities. Since then, this mobile classroom has traveled far and wide to further our employees’ understanding of the various safety issues they will face while working in the line clearance industry. […]

  • flagger

Flagger Policy Change

On Monday 10/17/16 , two aerial device crews were working on a two-lane rural highway. Flaggers were stationed to control traffic. Signs, cones, walkie-talkies and Stop/Slow signs were all being utilized and properly positioned. At 10:40 AM, Flagger-1 had placed his stop/slow paddle to the stop position. A white cargo van had approached the area and had come to a stop as directed […]