Nelson Tree Service provides utility companies with line clearance services, upholding a commitment to the highest standards of performance and professionalism. At Nelson, we understand there is more to line clearance than trimming trees. We are ambassadors for the utilities that entrust us with their vegetation management needs. A successful outcome to the line clearance process relies on the property owner being clearly informed about the work to be done. Nelson personnel receive comprehensive customer service training and a positive work environment, which sustains a culture of excellence that defines Nelson Tree Service.

**Nelson Tree Service does not currently offer residential tree services at this time.**

Utility Line Clearance

Nelson provides safe, cost-effective line clearance services to customers across the nation.

Our commitment to quality equipment and the best trained workforce in the industry is what sets us apart from the others. Our employees are our most valuable resource—that’s why we have the most advanced employee training program in the industry.

New employees learn and existing employees receive continuous retraining on safe operation of equipment, driving, climbing and trimming, proper interaction with property owners, and many other skills essential to safety and professionalism on the job.

As our industry has changed over the years, Nelson has adapted to a wide variety of contract arrangements. Line clearance is no longer exclusively a time and materials business. A few examples of other contract arrangements Nelson works under include Lump Sum and Unit Price (per span, per tree, per foot, per mile).

We also have many years of experience integrating these various contract types with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation models.

Emergency Storm Response

When electrical services are interrupted due to storms, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances, utility companies can depend on the Nelson Storm Support Team (SST) for fast, expert assistance.

Nelson’s nationwide network of experienced storm service professionals are ready to respond quickly with the expertise necessary to assist in power restoration.

Nelson SST has assisted utility customers in a wide variety of emergency situations, from ice storms in New York to hurricanes along the Atlantic coast. Our strength is our experience.

When a call requesting emergency service is received, Nelson immediately goes into action. Crews are dispatched within the affected geographic region to assist the utilities in restoring power. In situations where widespread power outages are experienced—as a result of ice storms or hurricanes, for example—required resources (equipment and manpower) are dispatched to assist in the emergency effort.

Right of Way
Vegetation Management

Utility companies call on Nelson to provide a wide variety of right-of-way vegetation management services, including transmission line tree trimming, right-of-way clearing and reclamation, herbicide application, mowing and brush clearing.

The management of vegetation at transmission lines and distribution lines is essential in maintaining a reliable power infrastructure. Nelson’s right-of-way programs take into consideration customer requirements, cost efficiency and environmental impact.

Specialized Equipment

Nelson maintains a full fleet of specialty equipment to meet the unique demands of right-of-way vegetation management and other off-road line clearance jobs. Our Jarraff and aerial off-road equipment are very effective methods of clearing.

Compact skid steers equipped with powerful mowing heads provide efficient low-profile clearance. These mowing heads can handle trees up to 6 inches in diameter. The machine’s smaller size also alleviates the concerns of property owners while still providing optimal mowing results.

Nelson’s entire fleet of equipment, including specialized off-road machinery, is currently equipped with GPS tracking. This tracking not only pinpoints where a unit is physically located, but also provides multiple reporting capabilities to optimize fuel efficiency, increase productivity and enhance field management performance.

Herbicide/Chemical Application

From high-volume applications to backpack-selective application, herbicide work can be completed in various ways. Nelson’s modern delivery systems use custom RTV vehicles that allow low-impact, low-visibility applications while maintaining cost efficiency.

Nelson’s state-licensed applicators work to recommend the most effective combinations of herbicides that achieve desired results while keeping environmental concerns top of mind.