At Nelson Tree Service, we strive to create an environment where every individual is able to perform their job safely and work together with their team mates to keep each other safe. In a review of some of the most serious incidents that have happened in our company, we have identified a number of specific safety infractions that resulted in employee injury. In response to these, we have created what we call the “Family First Rules” –rules intended to be understood and followed by every employee to ensure their safe return home to their families at the end of every workday.

All of these safety rules have been in place for many years, and they were developed to prevent the recurrence of serious incidents, injuries and fatalities that occurred in the past or to comply with laws. Violation of these rules is serious and cannot be tolerated. It is the responsibility of each employee to enforce these rules within the workplace both for themselves and with those who work around them. If you see a co-worker who is breaking a Family First Rule, it is your duty to speak up and voice your concerns about the violation regardless of seniority or job classification and to stop work until the situation is properly addressed.

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