The first Nelson Tree Service safety van hit the road back in the 1970’s. At the time, this mobile RV was the only safety program in our industry with live line demonstration capabilities. Since then, this mobile classroom has traveled far and wide to further our employees’ understanding of the various safety issues they will face while working in the line clearance industry. Through multimedia presentations and live demonstrations, Nelson Safety Department personnel utilize the Safety Van to cover topics such as aerial rescue procedures, proper tree felling techniques, proper chain saw use, and the riveting electrical hazards awareness program.

The Nelson Tree Service safety van consists of a Ford F350 Super-Duty with extended cab and dualies, and a 40′ Wells Cargo trailer. The truck is equipped with two generators: one powers lights, heat, air conditioning and audio/visual devices; the other provides energy to the primary circuit, which is used for demonstrating electrical hazards.

The Inside

The trailer accommodates 28 employees and allows plenty of room for instruction and demonstrations. Presentations are conducted through various multimedia devices, all of which have been updated to support the latest computer technology and adaptability. Training films and Pow­erPoint demonstrations are viewed on a 5′ x 5′ screen and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. In fact, new seat covers were part of the update!

The previous sound system was not conducive to amplifying the human voice. Therefore, a new system was installed, which is tailored for the spoken word. Speakers were also redistributed to ensure everyone hears the information being presented. Other updates include new flooring and a new ventilation system which quickly dispels the smoke which is created inside the trailer during the live line demonstration.

The Outside

Wow! What an updated and modern look! Most importantly, the safety van’s exterior now reflects Nelson Tree Service’s Core Value … Protecting the reputation of the utility’s we serve … it’s part of our job.

We feel so strongly about educating our workforce on the importance of properly communicating with homeowners and the general public that we wanted to let the rest of the world know it as well! The images displayed on the van were selected because they represent the values Nelson Tree feels are most important, as well as the professionalism of our company. The safety van will be visiting crews on its normal schedule, so you can see the new designs when it comes to your region!

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